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SAP Ariba meets ONESOURCE & makes procurement and tax awesome

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It was just one week ago that the worlds of procurement, finance and IT were brought together by the SAP Ariba Live Conference, held at Sydney’s International Convention Centre over 22 and 23 August.

The event provided an exciting opportunity for the Australian procurement industry to discover the potential of just what this fusion of cross-industry expertise can deliver for businesses in the digital marketplace now and in the future.

What is SAP Ariba Live?

SAP Ariba provides the world’s largest business network – operating in 190 countries – and an innovative cloud procurement solution to help businesses be more efficient, transparent and profitable in a competitive market.

The Live Conference is held annually at destinations throughout the globe to bring together the network of trading partners in real time. This year was about celebrating the customers who are transforming the way their companies do business through procurement in the cloud. And throughout the two days of forums, product demonstrations and networking events, representatives from these businesses revealed just how they were able to extend commercial boundaries and build a community through the Ariba Network.

Attendees were given entrée to the advantage-boosting opportunities to predict and respond more effectively to customer and market demands through the Ariba platform and network. And, as a partner of SAP Ariba through our Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global tax Solution, we were able to be at the forefront of the event.

About the SAP Ariba and Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE partnership

In May this year, Thomson Reuters launched ONESOURCE Global Tax for SAP Ariba Solutions. This new offering aims to help companies using SAP Ariba cloud services to seamlessly calculate and comply with taxes associated with global procurement business transactions. The conference provided us with the invaluable opportunity to show how through this partnership we are able to transform the ever-growing and increasingly competitive Australian procurement market, as Australia moves further away from manufacturing into international trade.

At our dedicated ONESOURCE stand, our expert sales and customer support managers were joined by Chris Carlstead, Managing Director of Indirect and Property Tax for Thomson Reuters, and our own Managing Director of Tax and Accounting for ANZ, Ben Scull, to demonstrate how our ONESOURCE Indirect tax solution provides a seamless customer experience through its pairing with the Ariba solution. This combination allows businesses to ensure tax on every transaction, no matter where the jurisdiction, is right, the first time and every time. And by achieving this, companies are protected from a loss of revenue through manual entry errors and penalties for incorrect data, meaning more efficient and profitable procurement systems.

For more on our partnership with SAP Ariba, click here and to book your demonstration of our ONESOURCE Tax Solutions, visit our ONESOURCE site.