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5 Star Rating: CPA Practice Advisor reviews Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE

Blog, Business Practices, Business Tax, FBT, Federal Tax, Indirect Tax, International Reporting & Compliance, ONESOURCE, Tax, Technology, Workflow & Processes June 14, 2018

CPA Practice Advisor, in their 2018 review of Sales and Use Tax Systems, has given a full five-star rating to our ONESOURCE Determination and Compliance suite.

In the article, by contributing writer Mary Girsh-Bock, the review details the many stand-out features and capabilities of our ONESOURCE suite where we offer cloud-based solutions for Global Tax Determination, Compliance, Indirect Tax Rates, a comprehensive Certificate Manager and integration with a variety of third-applications, ONESOURCE is trusted tax technology partners for today’s needs and tomorrow’s unknowns. As ONESOURCE covers over 15,800 jurisdictions in over 190 countries and territories and as the only patented universal tax engine solution on the market today, we are thrilled to see the suite and the actual user interface being recognised so highly by the likes of CPA Practice Advisor.

Here at Thomson Reuters, we focus a lot on customer centricity and ensuring the entire customer experience is nothing short of excellent, from the on-boarding stages and through to the use of the suite and to additional support and training, ensuring our clients are always getting the most out of our software. It’s great feedback for us when we read reviews such as: “Thomson Reuters maintains a complete staff of tax professionals that are tasked with tracking tax rates and changes, ensuring customers always have access to the most current rates available. The product easily processes a variety of options, including Unique Zip Codes, Non-Unique Zip Codes, Taxable Shipping, Sales Tax Holiday, Tax Rates at Varying Levels including State, County, and City Levels, and Tax Effective Dates.”

With the global tax landscape focusing so much around compliance, we’re proud to know we are leading the industry with a suite that offers complete tax determination and compliance for both domestic and global locations. As mentioned in the review, we offer complete integration with a variety of third-party applications including Oracle Fusion, SAP Ariba, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

If you’d like to learn more about Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE offering, book an obligation free demo today or download our ONESOURCE e-Book to learn more about the power of ONESOURCE and how we can support you, your team and your business.

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