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GST Legislation PLUS 2019

Must-have resource for those who need to understand and interpret the complex GST law.

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Australian CGT Handbook 2018-19

Well-respected guide, with comprehensive coverage of CGT provisions, examples and practical tips.

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Australian Tax Handbook 2019

Features concise explanations and examples to make the tax system easier to understand and apply.

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Australian Tax Legislation 2019 Volume 4

Contains all essential superannuation related legislation.

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Australian Tax Legislation 2019 Volumes 1-3

Set of up-to-date income tax legislation in a single package.

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Australian Tax Legislation 2019 Volumes 1-4

Full set of up-to-date income tax and superannuation legislation.

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XYZ Model Financial Accounts – December Reporting & Update 2018

Designed to assist preparers through the December 2018 reporting period, as well as prepare them for 2019 and beyond.

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The Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition 2018

Ideal for the tax return period with key tax updates to 30 June.

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Australian Trusts Tax Handbook 2018-19

A practical guide to the rules relating to the taxation of trusts.

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Australian Superannuation Handbook 2018-19

Guidance to comply with the latest superannuation regulations.

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Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2018-19

Updated coverage and indispensable if new to financial planning.

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Tax Rates & Tables 2018

A single volume reference guide that combines comprehensive coverage of Australian tax rates.

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Australian GST Handbook 2018-19

The Handbook uses a highly explanatory style to provide analysis not matched by other GST guides.

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The Essential SMSF Guide 2018-19

Provides practical guidance on the ongoing operational and administrative issues of an SMSF.

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Australian Audit Guide and Toolkit for SMSFs 2017

Deliver high quality audits with invaluable tools for SMSF auditors.

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Australian Audit Manual and Toolkit for SMEs 2017

Provides guidance to assist practitioners to address key audit quality issues appropriately in their engagements.

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2018 XYZ Model Financial Accounts Reduced Disclosure Requirements

Go-to resource for entities currently preparing reduced disclosure requirements (RDR) financial statements as well as those considering adopting RDR.

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2018 XYZ Model Financial Accounts Volume 1 Special Purpose Reporting

Designed specifically for non-reporting entities in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors

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2018 XYZ Model Financial Accounts Volume 2 General Purpose Reporting

Designed specifically for reporting entities in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and entities that produce general purpose financial statements.

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60% Off RRP Practitioner Books

The New Trusted Adviser

This book shows how being a trusted adviser can help you to grow your advisory business.

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Family Business Succession Guide 2nd Ed

A practical approach to family business succession planning.

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Death & Taxes: Tax-Effective Estate Planning, 6th Ed

A guide on managing the affairs of the deceased to help plan and prepare better outcomes.

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What do Accounting Clients Really Want? 2nd Ed

Gain insights to the drivers of buyers of accounting services.

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Financial Analysis & Cashflow For Financial Controllers

Practical techniques to improve financial performance of businesses.

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Financial Analysis & Cashflow for Practicing Accountants

Designed for accountants in practice across all industries.

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Financial Analysis & Cashflow for Company Directors

Gives strategic financial skills to assist at the board level.

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Successful Tender Writing

Demystifies the complexity of the tender process, encouraging small business operators to approach tendering with confidence.

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Practice Structure Guide

A tool for members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand deciding upon or reviewing their existing practice structures.

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The Natural Presenter

Learn how to harness conversational energy and fluidity when making a presentation to become an inspiring and engaging presenter.

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Financial Literacy for Lawyers Directors and Investors

Essential for all directors, particularly those without an accounting background, this product deals with how Financial Statements are put together, and the key Financial Statements (what they reveal and can’t reveal).

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Income Taxation in Australia: Principles of Income, Deductibility & Tax Accounting

Facsimile edition of the original 1985 book, supplemented by two additional papers written by Professor Parsons after his retirement.

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Tax & Insolvency 3rd Ed

Practical solutions for tax and legal professionals in a range of issues that arise upon a company becoming insolvent.

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