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Tax and Accounting titles

Including 2017 and 2018 Tax, Super, CGT, GST Handbooks and Legislation.

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GST Legislation PLUS 2018

Must-have resource for those who need to understand and interpret the complex GST law.

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CGT Handbook 2017-18

Well-respected guide, includes coverage of CGT provisions, examples and practical tips.

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XYZ – Workbook 2017

Examines and explains the accounting requirements of Australian Accounting Standards.

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Australian Tax Legislation 2018 Volume 4

Contains all essential superannuation related legislation.

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Australian Tax Legislation 2018 Volumes 1-3

Set of up-to-date income tax legislation in a single package.

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Australian Tax Legislation 2018 Volumes 1-4

Full set of up-to-date income tax and superannuation legislation.

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The Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition 2017

Ideal for the tax return period with key tax updates to 30 June.

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Australian Trusts Tax Handbook 2017-18

A practical guide to the rules relating to the taxation of trusts.

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Australian Superannuation Handbook 2017-18

Guidance to comply with the latest super regulations.

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Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2017-18

Updated coverage and indispensable if new to financial planning.

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Tax Rates & Tables 2017

A single volume reference guide that combines comprehensive coverage of Australian tax rates.

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Australian GST Handbook 2017-18

A highly explanatory handbook to provide analysis not matched by other GST guides.

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The Essential SMSF Guide 2017-18

Provides practical guidance on the ongoing operational and SMSF administrative issues.

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Australian Audit Guide and Toolkit SMSF 2017

Deliver high quality audits with an invaluable tool for SMSF auditors.

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Directors at Work

A practical tool for directors and boards looking to implement leading corporate governance.

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The New Trusted Adviser

This book shows how being a trusted adviser can help you to grow your advisory business.

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Family Business Succession Guide 2nd Ed

A practical approach to family business succession planning.

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Death & Taxes 6th Ed

A guide on managing the affairs of the deceased to help plan and prepare better outcomes.

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What do Accounting Clients Really Want? 2nd Ed

Gain insights to the drivers of buyers of accounting services.

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Financial Analysis & Cashflow For Financial Controllers

Practical techniques to improve financial performance of businesses.

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Financial Analysis & Cashflow for Practicing Accountants

Designed for accountants in practice across all industries.

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Financial Analysis & Cashflow for Company Directors

Gives strategic financial skills to assist at the board level.

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