XYZ Model Financial Statements General and Special Purpose Financial Statements and Reporting

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The industry standard for financial reporting in New Zealand

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General and special purpose financial statements and reporting in New Zealand

Reduce the risk of non-compliance

XYZ Model Financial Statements provides step-by-step guidance to produce fully complaint general and special purpose financial statements using the applicable reporting standards for your entity.

  • Special Purpose Financial Reporting
  • General Purpose Financial Reporting
  • Not-for-Profit Financial Reporting

Save time and increase efficiency

Easy-to-use checklists, up-to-date model financial statements and tools streamline the report preparation process. Additional tools make it even easier:

  • XYZ Model Financial Statements Workbook
  • XYZ Model Financial Statements Disclosure Checklists
  • XYZ Model Financial Statements Not-for-Profit Workbook

Stay up-to-date

With recent developments and important changes to financial reporting, it is important that you are aware of how to prepare financial reports using the most up-to-date information.

You can be confident with XYZ Model Financial Statements – the industry standard in financial reporting for over 25 years.

The full XYZ Model Financial Statements suite

The XYZ Model Financial Statements product suite is tailored for the most common entity types and client reporting requirements. Products within the suite are suitable for all entities, including those reporting using Full NZ IFRS or NZ IFRS Reduced Disclosure regimes, Tiers 1 through to 4 Not-for-Profit Public Benefit entities, or those electing to use Special Purpose Financial Reporting. Download our brochure to find out which product is suitable for you.

Not-for-profit Reporting – Public Benefit Entity

Illustrates how to apply the requirements of the XRB Not-for-Profit Reporting Standards for Public Benefit Entity, using a range of sample financial reports for each tier.

  • Explains which sample reports to use and when
  • Thorough guidance on moving from one tier to another
  • Disclosure checklists explain the requirements for each Financial Reporting Standard
  • Online version references the applicable standard linked to an optional, searchable database of XRB Financial Reporting Standards

Not-for-Profit Reporting – Public Benefit Entity Workbook

Written for those who prepare Not-for-Profit reporting, the Workbook examines and explains common issues encountered when preparing financial reports and how they should be treated.

Each issue is dealt with in a simplified yet thorough manner.

General Purpose Financial Reporting

Sample set of reports illustrates the requirements when preparing a set of financial reports using either Full NZ IFRS or NZ IFRS Reduced Disclosures Regime.

  • Explains the considerations when moving from Tier 3 or Tier 4 to New Zealand Reduced Disclosure Regime
  • Online version references the applicable standard linked to an optional, searchable database of XRB Financial Reporting Standards

Special Purpose Financial Reporting

Designed for SMEs that no longer need to prepare general purpose financial statements in accordance with GAAP.

Uses the Special Purpose Financial Reporting (SPFR) framework to guide organisations who still require a set of minimum financial reports.

Simplifies the process by providing a disciplined and logical process to work through while transitioning to the new reporting format of special purpose financial statements.

For-Profit Workbook

Written with the preparers of financial reports in mind, the Workbook examines and explains the accounting requirements for For-Profit entities.

Key issues are dealt with in a simplified and user-friendly manner.

The Workbook supports the development of both sets of general and special purpose financial statements by giving examples of how to work through and treat difficult types of items that appear in the financial reports.

Disclosure Checklists

The Disclosure Checklist provides a checklist approach for both Full NZ IFRS and NZ IFRS RDR for each of the Financial Reporting standards and what needs to be included when preparing financial statements.

XRB Financial Reporting Standards

  • Fully searchable online database
  • Links to reporting standards references in the online versions of all XYZ Model Financial Statements products
  • Online service only.

Embraced by New Zealand accounting professionals for over 25 years, XYZ Model Financial Statements (previously Brookers Model Financial Statements) continues to be the industry standard for the preparation of compliant financial reports. The suite comprises six core products that provide guidance and commentary on the preparation and presentation of financial reports including general purpose financial reporting, special purpose financial reporting, and not-for profit.

Subscribing to our XYZ Model Financial Statements products online on Checkpoint also allows you to access referenced standards linked to an optional, searchable database of XRB Financial Reporting Standards.


XYZ Model Financial Statements is authored by a team from Grant Thornton, one of the world’s leading firms offering independent assurance, tax and advisory services. Grant Thornton New Zealand operates from three locations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with 32 partners and over 200 staff.

Mark Hucklesby
Partner and National Technical Director, Grant Thornton

Brayden Smith
Assurance Partner, Grant Thornton

Rosaline Chan
Audit and Corporate Finance Manager, Grant Thornton

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