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Checkpoint World – an international tax planning and research solution with a global perspective

A truly global view

Checkpoint World provides a global perspective, with integrated resources for multi-national corporate tax departments and their providers.

It aggregates international tax laws, treaties, OECD Guidelines with practical, authoritative commentary and international current awareness, delivered through one central interface.

Content is professionally translated into English to benefit users around the globe.

Trusted resources

You’ll have access to international treaties, legislation, cases, commentary and analysis, and daily updates of key jurisdictional tax changes. Plus, you’ll get standards and updates from OECD and other authoritative resources.

Checkpoint World has international tax tools for analysis of international tax planning and transfer pricing as well as a new OECD BEPS current awareness offering.

Time-saving productivity tools

With tabs arranged to international tax research areas, you’ll easily find what you want. You can search globally, by country, by practice area or by specific topics.

Where appropriate, productivity tools allow you to make comparisons, create reports and memoranda, charts and tables, compliance checklists, compare compliance rules across jurisdictions, and access key tax forms translated into English.

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Checkpoint World – major practice areas

Global tax laws and legislation

  • RIA Worldwide Tax and Commercial Laws of 200 jurisdictions translated into English, with links to relevant Government websites
  • Primary source content featuring additional legislative content and news for major jurisdictions
  • International tax rate charts featuring the corporate income, individual income and VAT tax rates by country

International tax planning and research

  • Bilateral treaties
  • Expert commentary including International Tax Systems & Planning Techniques, International Portfolios-Tax Advisor Planning System and much more
  • Current awareness, including global regulatory updates from Mondaq
  • Orbitax software provides international tax decision support and analysis tools

Transfer pricing

  • Transfer Pricing Core Library – includes treaties, country sourced current awareness news and analytical expert commentary
  • Transfer Pricing Author Commentary provides authoritative analyses on global transfer pricing strategies
  • Transfer Pricing Analyzer – quickly research a range of rules from multiple countries, make comparisons and draw initial conclusions, create reports and memoranda to document transfer pricing issues impacting your entities around the world.

Accounting and tax provisions

  • IASCF International Accounting Standards
  • IFAC International Auditing Standards
  • Author works on accounting, auditing and provisions
  • IFRS 1 analysis of accounting compliance standards issued by IASB
  • IAS 12 analysis of standards issued by the IASC
  • Accounting & Compliance Alerts


Orbitax is an international tax research and planning tool that allows you to research the tax implications of different tax planning scenarios.

  • Research and planning
  • Compliance
  • Charting: Create visual representations of your legal entity chart, use filters to create one or more sub charts, produce a compressive report with details of entity data, cross border transaction data and charts.

OECD officially licensed content

  • OECD Model Tax Conventions
  • OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines
  • OECD Economic Surveys
  • OECD Council Recommendations

Regional expert commentary and journals

  • UK Commentary & Analysis publications across the field of tax law
  • US Commentary & Analysis publications analyzing US Federal Codes and Regulations

Research reference

  • WG&L VAT Handbook
  • WG&L Tax Dictionary
  • US International Tax Library


  • BEPS Global Currents

Indirect Tax Compliance

  • 50 countries Indirect Tax Compliance in English
  • Analysis of compliance
  • Forms and procedure

US Federal Library

  • Internal Revenue Code
  • Treasury Regulations
  • Cases
  • IRS Rulings & Releases
  • Federal Tax Coordinator
  • Journal of Taxation
  • Journal of Corporate Taxation

US International Tax Library

  • Foreign Tax Credits
  • US International Tax Forms Manual: Compliance & Reporting
  • US International Taxation
  • US International Taxation: Agreements, Checklists & Commentary
  • US Taxation of International Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
  • International Taxation: Withholding

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