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Marketing for accountants

With your clients expecting you to provide tips and strategies to help them improve their financial position marketing for accountants is no longer optional – it’s essential.

Your clients expect you to provide tips and strategies to help them improve their financial position in business and protect their assets in their personal lives.

If you don’t offer that value – added service, your competitors will. Don’t lose existing, on-going business because you don’t have time to nurture your valuable relationships.

Reduce your time commitment

Developing content for your accounting firm’s newsletter is often time consuming and takes up valuable resources.

Uniquely, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms provides regular professionally written content for marketing for accounting firms.

This substantially reduces the time commitment required to nurture your relationships with your existing clients, and allows you to generate more high quality leads for your business.

Our marketing for accountants’ solution not only provides content for your client communications, it has an e-newsletter delivery system and the tools to measure your marketing effectiveness.

The dashboard provides a snapshot of data, allowing you to see what worked and what didn’t, and to understand what is resonating with your audience.

Professionally Written Content

Tailored to the Australian market on key business, tax and financial issues, Checkpoint Marketing for Firm’s professionally written content covers a range of subjects that will be of interest to your contacts.

Your newsletters will practically write themselves with our endless articles on an extensive range of topics including:

  • Business Finance
  • Business Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • Superannuation
  • Financial Planning
  • Human Resources and Management
  • Sales and Marketing

Alert your customers to your business news with a regular newsletter full of piping hot updates, insights and articles, freshly brewed by Thomson Reuters.

Pour in the preferred measure of our Finance, Business and Tax information, top up with a little of your own insight and advice, sweeten with design and images to taste and package it all up with professionally presented email distribution.

This unique blend is Checkpoint Marketing for Firms – and it’s the fastest, simplest, most affordable way to create the right kind of buzz in the market around your services.

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