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Learn more about our 2018 mid-year annuals including:

  • The Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition
  • Australian Trusts Tax Handbook
  • Australian Financial Planning Handbook
  • Australian Superannuation Handbook
  • Australian GST Handbook and much more

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The Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition 2018

The Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition 2018 helps you reach the answers you need – fast.

Perfectly timed for the mid-year tax return period, The Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition 2018 covers the wide spectrum of Australian income tax law plus related taxes such as FBT and GST.

This is the 77th print edition of the Handbook. It includes all key tax developments to 30 June 2018, including announcements in the 2018 Federal Budget. The content is highly relevant, easy to access and practical.

What's New

  • Modifications to the rules governing whether shares or trust interests qualify as active assets for the purposes of the small business CGT concessions
  • Budget measures covering
    • The proposed 12-month extension of the current instant asset write-off for small business entities
    • The proposed restriction on a partner utilising the small business CGT concessions where rights to the future income of a partnership are assigned
    • The new low and middle income tax offset
    • The proposed extension to family trusts of the trustee beneficiary disclosure rules for closely held trusts
  • A Full Federal Court decision that marriage breakdown CGT roll-over relief is not available where a CGT asset is transferred to a third party at the direction of the relevant spouse (or former spouse).

Australian Trusts Tax Handbook 2018-19

The Australian Trusts Tax Handbook 2018-19 is a practical guide to the rules relating to the taxation of trusts.

Current to 30 June 2018, it is streamlined to meet the needs of practitioners and advisers and brings together all the key trust tax provisions and concepts, with plain English explanations, definitions, examples, case studies, sample trust deed clauses, tips and alerts.

There are also step-by-step guides to calculating the income and net income of a trust; streaming capital gains and franked distributions; making effective trust distributions; and drafting distribution minutes.

What's New

  • New commentary on: trust vesting; the residency status of trust estates; family trust distribution tax; and a range of proposed tax measures affecting trusts
  • The commentary has also been updated for new ATO rulings and taxpayer alerts concerning trusts, as well as important court decisions.

Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2018-19

With expert and updated coverage, the Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2018-19 saves you research time and increases your ability to meet compliance requirements and provide accurate advice.

The Handbook provides coverage of the Financial Services Royal Commission and recent compliance and regulatory developments. There is expert coverage on the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms as well as the implications of all the Government’s major superannuation changes. Other important topics include: SMSF and social security changes; ASIC requirements; financial adviser education reforms; and robo-advice.

The Handbook is indispensable for those in practice, but also for those new to, or studying, financial planning.

What's New

  • Bedding down of the major superannuation reform measures, including housing affordability measures, first home super saver scheme, new one-stop shop for EDR (external dispute resolution)
  • Social security changes
  • Guidance for the conduct and disclosure requirements affecting financial advisers
  • ASIC information for accountants providing SMSF services.

Australian Superannuation Handbook 2018-19

The superannuation industry has been reshaped by recent reforms that have added further complexity to an already complicated system. New restrictions mean that accountants and other professional advisers need a working knowledge of the latest changes to guide their clients through the maze of provisions.

Current to 1 July 2018, the Australian Superannuation Handbook 2018-19 is an essential companion for tax practitioners to help comply with the latest superannuation regulatory requirements.

What's New

  • Navigating reduced contribution caps and restrictions
  • Deductions for personal contributions
  • First home super saver scheme
  • Downsizer contributions for retirees
  • Pension transfer balance cap reporting and assessments
  • Estate planning for death benefits
  • SMSF borrowings — new integrity measures
  • 2018-19 Budget measures — including SMSF member limit increase; and super fees.

The Essential SMSF Guide 2018-19

Providing practical guidance on the ongoing operational and administrative issues of an SMSF, The Essential SMSF Guide 2018-19 covers the broad range of SMSF issues including the taxation implications of the investment rules, designing a pension and the payment of benefits.

To help readers understand the wider nature of SMSFs, the Guide covers related topics such as aged care, bankruptcy and the financial planning process for SMSF Trustees and a practical CD toolkit containing over 90 documents and templates, including relevant ATO and ASIC documents. Endorsed by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, The Essential SMSF Guide 2018-19 is a must have guide for a comprehensive, yet highly practical insight.

What's New

  • Impact of the superannuation changes in the 2017 and 2018 Federal Budgets including details of ATO administrative guidance
  • Commentary on latest Court and administrative tribunal cases
  • Latest ATO rates and thresholds.

Australian GST Handbook 2018-19

The Australian GST Handbook 2018-19 comprehensively explains the operation of the GST system, covering all aspects of the GST legislation and its relationship with other taxes, including income tax and FBT.

The Handbook focuses on practical explanations of the GST system, with a critical appraisal of key GST legislation, rulings and cases. Solid understanding of all areas is facilitated by overviews and worked examples. It has a depth of coverage and analysis not matched by other GST guides.

Written from practical GST experience, the Handbook is indispensable to practitioners and students alike. The 2018-19 edition is up-to-date to 1 August 2018.

What's New

  • Commencement of the low value imported goods rules on 1 July 2018
  • Purchasers of new residential premises (and some vacant land) to remit GST directly to the ATO
  • Digital currencies treated as foreign currency for GST purposes – but which ones?
  • Increased concessions for small business
  • Netflix tax: 12 months on.

Tax Rates & Tables 2018

A single volume reference guide that combines comprehensive coverage of Australian tax rates, Tax Rates & Tables 2018 offers a wealth of practical information and tools. Focused on both tax returns and tax planning, it includes rates for both the 2017-18 and 2018-19 financial years, where available. The clear, succinct and easy-to-use rates and tables are logically organised in subject groups. Concise explanations and commentary of developments through the year are provided.

Tax Rates & Tables 2018 improves your productivity by ensuring you:

  • Quickly calculate rebates and locate specific tax rates
  • Key tax data for tax return preparation is easy-to-use and quick to find
  • Correctly used and applied rates
  • Have the latest rates and tables when you need them most
  • Enhance your understanding with commentary, tips and notes
  • Stay up to date with the changes and how these impacts your calculations.

Subscription to the service includes a free copy of Desktop Tax Rates & Tables 2017-18, a handy 8-panel foldout for quick access to the most commonly used tax rates.

Tax Guide 2018

Thomson Reuters’ Tax Guide 2018 is the cost-effective way to enhance your client relationships. Give your clients fast, timely access to key tax data in one concise resource and highlight your commitment to making their working life easier.

Tax Guide 2018 includes a cover designed by Thomson Reuters, and features the 2018-19 calendar on the back cover.

What’s New?

  • 2018-19 Federal Budget Announcements
  • Developments to Watch in 2018-19
  • Current Tax Rates
  • 2018-19 Tax Calendar
  • Rebates and Thresholds.

Desktop Tax Rates & Tables 2017-18

Desktop Tax Rates & Tables 2017-18 is a handy eight panel guide that offer key tax data to your clients. Updated to include rates current to 1 June 2018, they are an indispensable aid for quick access to the most commonly used tax rates, Medicare levy rebates, depreciation, FBT, superannuation and more.

They can be customised to carry your branding, providing you with an effective promotional tool. Personalised versions with your branding are available for orders of 500 or more.

Australian Audit Guide & Toolkit for SMSFs 2017

Authored by Shirley Schaefer, an expert in the superannuation and audit industries, in conjunction with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, this publication provides practitioners with up-to-date tools and assistance in dealing with the demands of this challenging area of practice.

These audit guidelines will enable practitioners to keep abreast of the changes and deliver high-quality audits while mitigating any risk of non-compliance. It has been structured to provide practical examples and extensive guidance on, and demonstrations of, real-life circumstances in audit requirements.

  • Part A (Core concepts) provides an overview of the entire audit process and a discussion of the key audit concepts.
  • Part B (Practical guidance) focuses on how to apply the concepts outlined in Part A, including application to a practical case study.

The case study material covers the complex issues, including limited recourse borrowing arrangements, collectables & personal use assets and non-concessional contributions.

The Guide also includes a handy Toolkit, in CD format, containing relevant forms and checklists that will assist practitioners in conducting SMSF audits.

Australian Audit Manual & Toolkit for SMES 2017

Produced in conjunction with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and accounting firm Advantage Advisors, the Manual provides up-to-date guidance on Australian Auditing Standard requirements to help ensure consistent application of the standards in achieving high-quality, cost-effective audits.

The Manual will assist practitioners to address key audit quality issues appropriately in their engagements, including applying standards relating to professional scepticism, documentation and auditing estimates.

Detailed and well structured, the Manual provides practical auditing case studies in helping you learn and apply auditing standards.

Also included is an extensive Toolkit, which contains commonly used templates, forms, checklists and sample letter templates.

What's New

  • Changes resulting from the enhanced auditor reporting requirements set out in ASA 700 Forming an Opinion and Reporting on a Financial Report.
  • An overview of the requirements of ASA 701 Communicating Key Audit Matters in the Independent Auditor's Report.
  • A new worksheet for documenting key audit matters (KAM).

Australian CGT Handbook 2017-18

Authored by Gordon Cooper Chris Evans and Ann Kayis-Kumar, the Australian CGT Handbook 2017-18 offers a comprehensive coverage of the Australian capital gains tax provisions, together with realistic examples, crucial practical tips and warnings.

What's New

  • Full coverage of all 2017 CGT Budget changes, including: CGT small business concessions; proposed cost base changes for residential investment properties; the proposed availability of an increased CGT discount for investments in affordable rental housing; and the proposed withdrawal of the main residence exemption for foreign resident.
  • Analysis of recent superannuation changes, including the new CGT relief and the $1.6 million transfer balance cap.
  • Commentary on legislative developments (including the enactment of the foreign resident CGT withholding payments regime), and cases (including the Sandini case) and analysis of the impact of new Tax Office rulings.

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