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Tax Break with Weekly Tax Bulletin

Take a tax break with WTB, our monthly tax news video series. Each episode of WTB will highlight the most critical tax developments covered by our Weekly Tax Bulletin over the month and look at what’s ahead.

A lot can happen in the tax world in just a week, and every week we cover these as they unfold in the Weekly Tax Bulletin, our comprehensive analytical tax news service. Which means there is a lot for you – and us – to keep track of. Now with Tax Break with WTB, our monthly tax news video, you can tune in here to stay on top of the month’s most important tax and accounting developments, brought to you by Thomson Reuters Tax Specialists.

WTB Videos

Watch the latest monthly tax news video.

WTB – Episode 09 07 mins 25 sec

Corporate tax rates have changed – again! To get the most from these will require careful tax planning…

WTB – Episode 08 08 mins 15 sec

Corporate tax rates – at last we have some certainty, tune in to Episode 8 for the details…

WTB – Episode 07 05 mins 59 sec

Just what is it about Trusts that makes our courts to disagree? Find out in “Tax Break with WTB”…

WTB – Episode 06 06 mins 07 sec

In this month’s episode we look at why the “residency” rules are in need of an upgrade…

WTB – Episode 05 05 mins 07 sec

In this month’s edition we focus on deductions for personal super contributions – post EOFY…

WTB – Episode 04 10 mins 58 sec

Watch our latest WTB video about the Government’s Federal Budget Report and key points regarding…

WTB – Episode 03 02 mins 58 sec

Watch our latest video commentary on the Government’s pre-Budget announcements and tax developments, including…

WTB – Episode 02 02 mins 21 sec

Watch our latest video commentary on how 2018 is shaping up and how this could influence the budget.

WTB – Episode 01 07 mins 23 sec

This edition of WTB will recap the four most critical tax developments covered in Weekly Tax Bulletin.

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