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Whether you require a broad based newsletter to help you stay across developments in the field of tax, or a more in-depth coverage of a specialised area, the team of expert authors at Thomson Reuters can provide you with greater insights through commentary and analysis in our Weekly Tax Bulletin and series of tax newsletters.

Capital Gains Tax Bulletin

The Capital Gains Tax Bulletin covers the CGT provisions contained in both the ITAA 1997 and ITAA 1936. It provides both overviews and detailed commentary on a Divisional and Sub-divisional basis.

The service is updated four times a year, and, also included in your subscription is the Capital Gains Tax Bulletin, a regular bulletin that reports all the latest CGT developments.

Fringe Benefits Tax Bulletin

The FBT Bulletin gives clarity in the ever-changing FBT landscape.

The latest developments on related laws, cases, rulings, determinations and announcements are reported on in the FBT Bulletin three times each year.

These Fringe Benefits Tax newsletters provide comprehensive coverage of changes and key developments including Federal and State Budgets.

GST News Alert

GST News Alert is a service published most weekdays. It reports all the latest GST developments and ATO announcements, progress of legislation and amendment details, court cases, rulings and draft rulings.

It also includes concise summaries of tax issues addressed in the national and key local press.

International Tax Agreements Bulletin

International Tax Agreements Bulletin is an alert service reporting international tax changes.

Material for the alerts is drawn from International Agreements, a detailed analysis of Australia’s double tax agreements.

Latest Tax News

Reporting daily on tax changes and their impact, Latest Tax News alerts you to significant changes that may influence decisions.

These tax newsletters provide a snapshot of all Federal and State tax related developments, a summary of press releases, ATO announcements, updates on legislation, cases, appeals, rulings and draft rulings, and concise summaries of tax issues addressed in the national and key local press.

State Taxes Bulletin

Issued approximately six times a year, the State Taxes Bulletin provides an up-to-date and accurate source of information on developments within the area of state taxes across Australia.

Updates cover state taxes announcements, cases, legislation and rulings, as well as relevant news articles reporting developments in state taxes matters such as duties, land tax and payroll tax.

Superannuation & Financial Services Bulletin

A comprehensive superannuation and financial services news service, covering all relevant developments. From cases, new legislation, rulings, ASIC announcements, ATO/APRA developments, SMSF news, FOFA developments to financial services regulation generally.

Special coverage is given to newly introduced legislation with contributions from business-focused experts.

Super & Financial Services News Alert

Super & Financial Services Alert covers superannuation developments as they happen. Designed for specialist practitioners who need to keep fully up-to-date with the latest superannuation developments.

Super & Financial Services Alert delivers all important superannuation news as it occurs, saving you time searching through large volumes of general tax news. Links are included to provide instant access to the full text of important source documents where available.

Weekly Tax Bulletin

A comprehensive analytical tax news service that also delivers comments by practitioners on the practicalities of industry developments including cases, tax rulings and ATO views.

These weekly tax bulletins also feature contributions from business-focused experts providing deeper analysis of topical tax issues.

Special coverage is given to year-end tax planning, the Federal Budget and newly introduced tax legislation, as well as major tax developments and GST.

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