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Clarity with Cleardocs - Monthly Video Series

Keeping on top of the critical tax and legal compliance news can be tricky. With Clarity, our monthly Cleardocs video series, we bring to light key issues facing your clients.

Whether its unveiling the implications of changes to superannuation, tax, or estate planning, each episode will help you provide your clients with the essential trusted advice and compliance services they need. The videos are brought to you by our Thomson Reuters Tax Specialists and will complement your ClearLaw and ClearNews content.

Personal tax cuts. What are the rates and when?

Video 1 07 mins 07 sec

We give you a snapshot of the 3 phases of personal tax cuts planned for the next few years with helpful tables of what the tax rates will look like.

Also, we take a quick look at other budget measures and proposed changes to things such as CGT and Division 7A.

Corporate tax rate changes. Getting the most from these will require careful tax planning!

Video 2 07 mins 25 sec

With the election results settled, we will follow up with a closer look at the government’s policies and impacts in the coming weeks. But first, we thought it would be opportune to share a video from our network that was first posted in October last year about corporate tax rates. It contains detailed examples so that you can refresh your memory and be up to speed with what we know has already been locked in.

Buying property in a trust? You need to know about this!

Video 3 08 mins 54 sec

Do you hold property in a trust? Do you plan to? There are surcharges and additional taxes for purchasers who are foreign persons and discretionary (family) trusts are NOT exempt!

Also, don’t assume that being an Australian citizen means you will not be affected. Watch our latest video to find out how this might impact you and what steps you can take to avoid unnecessary surcharges and taxes.

Labor's dividend proposal in a nutshell

Video 4 08 mins 54 sec

Will you be affected by Labor's proposal to restrict refunds for excess franking credits?

In this video we take a closer look at the proposal that is on the table and provide some practical examples of how it would impact on tax refunds.

The importance of compliant advice and how to provide it effectively

Video 5 13 mins 31 sec

Do you have the right tools and processed in place to meet your obligations to clients and the regulator?

In this episode, we look at ASIC’s major concerns around lack of compliance, highlight key things to look out for and how to ensure best interest duties are recorded clearly for quality, compliant advice. We will also take a look at important inclusions for quality statements of advice, the Royal Commission’s interim report into the industry and key deadlines for the Financial Advisers Register.

Building up your super balance in an ever changing environment

Video 6 07 mins 40 sec

In this episode we examine the ever world of tax and superannuation, which thanks to the July 2017 reforms has become more complicated. This video, specially prepared for Cleardocs customers, highlights some of the possible strategies for building a large superannuation balance



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