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Quality, consistency and compliance made easy

Are you one of the 88% of accountants that finds a lack of time a barrier to expanding your client offerings?

You will often be required to do tasks that your clients may take for granted. While maintaining a trusted relationship with your clients, how do you ensure you have the time to meet and exceed your clients’expectations.

Cleardocs helps you focus on what matters to your clients, your advice. Avoid getting side tracked with compliance administration tasks with a solution that simplifies preparing compliant legal documents. The question and answer design makes it easier for non-legally trained professionals to use.

Benefits of Cleardocs Legal Documents

Work with one of Australia’s top 20 law firms without the fees

Cleardocs’ master legal documents are signed-off by Maddocks, one of the top 20 law firms in Australia. Maddocks is responsible for maintaining all legal documents ensuring that they are current, relevant and represent best practice.

Easy to use with local support

Understanding how to prepare documents is made easier with an online question and answer form. You are supported with guided assistance as you complete the form with local support and access to the Maddocks helpline . All Cleardocs documents are in plain language.

No sign ups and no ongoing subscription costs

Flexibile options with the ability for you to purchase the documents you use. When you pay for what you need, you get acces to the full suite of over 200 quality and current documents. The master documents are written in plain language and are signed-off by our lawyers at Maddocks.

Over 200 legal documents on demand

Cleardocs offers a comprehensive selection of legal documents – all in place to ensure you find what you need for your clients circumstance.

Choose from 6 major categories:

Company RegistrationTrusts
Superannuation (SMSFs)Estate Planning
Business ServicesEmployment

Flexible integration options to automate processes

Cleardocs provides a Company Secretarial solution, as well as integrating with leading third party platforms such as Class and BGL, providing you with the flexible options for managing legal documents.


Featured Product

Discretionary Trust - deed of variation (excluding foreign persons)

Ensure that you have the right trust structure to avoiding unnecessary charges.

The trust does not require an underlying Cleardocs deed

Save time with pre-population of trust details (Cleardocs orders)

Easy to use question interface

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