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tax strategy and
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Software and research
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Meet all your toughest corporate challenges with confidence. Our integrated solutions for corporations will help you manage tax and risk transparently and synthesise complex information for informed reporting and forecasting decisions.

Compliance & Reporting

Our compliance and reporting applications can assist with the processes related to corporate income, tax provision, indirect tax, transfer pricing, statutory reporting and more.

Tax Provision

Industry-standard technology to deliver the global tax provision quickly and precisely. Collect the right information, compute accurate tax accruals, and produce reports and workpapers that support the amounts that were booked – all on a tight deadline.

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Corporate Tax

Corporate tax Software for calculation and reporting of company tax in Australia and New Zealand. Increase efficiency and reduce the risks associated with local compliance. Streamline your preparation and filing process by utilising an extensive set of standard workpapers.

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Corporate Tax

Reduce your costs by bringing your company tax compliance process in-house with our intuitive cloud-based software for calculation and reporting of company tax in Australia.

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E-Filing Manager

ONESOURCE E-Filing Manager allows you to validate and electronically lodge returns directly with the ATO. Ensure you’re compliant with the ATO’s latest lodgement program, Standard Business Report (SBR).

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Statutory Reporting

Corporate Financial Reporting Software with an emphasis on efficiency throughout the financial accounting preparation process, with flexible, easy-to-use reports based on proven Big 4 accounting firm publications.

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Indirect Tax

Australia’s leading software solution for GST. Improve your cashflow and protect your reputation by reducing indirect tax error, any associated penalties and late payment interest charges.

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Fringe Benefits Tax

ONESOURCE Fringe Benefits Tax software allows finance, human resources, payroll, and tax teams to focus on value added activities by automating the high-volume and often complex tax calculations required to complete an FBT return.

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Transfer Pricing

Our intelligent ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing software solutions are there to support you in navigating a constantly changing and demanding environment. Our goal is simple - to make transfer pricing documentation and compliance easier.

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BEPS Action Manager

OECD compliant reporting software for meeting your Australian and global BEPS obligations. Developed to provide unparalleled value across three areas: Preparation, Execution and Risk Management.

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ONESOURCE Trusts is the industry leading trust tax software for managed fund distributions, property trust distributions and trust and AMIT tax returns. It enables calculations to be created of a standard set of work papers with the flexibility to configure the calculation based on different investment types.

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Global Tax Audit Manager

ONESOURCE Global Tax Audit Manager eases this burden by operating as a central hub focused on intelligent data automation, powerful analytics, robust documentation, and global oversight.

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