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How has the 2018 Federal Budget affect you and your clients?

After weeks of speculation and political plays, Treasurer Scott Morrison has handed down the 2018 Federal Budget to the nation.

The Thomson Reuters Tax News Division were at parliament house to comprehensively capture the details as they unfolded in our Checkpoint Weekly Tax Bulletin (WTB) Special Federal Budget Report 2018.

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Tax Break with WTB

The Thomson Reuters Tax Writers covered over 40 tax-specific measures in our Federal Budget Report 2018-19. Which of these will be the most relevant in 12 months time? Tax cuts, digital economy reforms or changes to small business CGT concessions for partnerships and family trusts?

Watch the latest episode of Tax Break with WTB for our top 7.

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Budget Flashback: 2017

Download our 2017-18 Weekly Tax Bulletin Special Budget Report for a full recap on the tax year that was.

Federal Budget 2017-18 PDF – 463kb

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A comprehensive analytical tax news service that also delivers comments by practitioners on the practicalities of industry developments including cases, tax rulings and ATO views. These weekly tax bulletins also feature contributions from business-focused experts providing deeper analysis of topical tax issues.

Special coverage is given to year-end tax planning, the Federal Budget and newly introduced tax legislation, as well as major tax developments and GST.

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