The Future Moves Fast: Is Your Indirect Tax Plan Ready?

Disruption is here. Are you on the right side?

In an age of nonstop innovation, simplicity is in short supply. Uncertain markets, unrelenting regulators and inconsistent technology strategies make the challenge of modernizing global sales and use, VAT and GST even more complicated, especially for businesses looking to grow and adapt.

Technology can replace manual processes and reduce the hours required to move from determination to final deliverable. The right solution can do even more, creating a scalable foundation for new efficiencies and advantages across the business. Finding the right systems and skills is one challenge – funding them is even harder. Tech dollars spent in the right place boost tax efficiency and enable new insights that directly contribute to growth.

So where is your indirect tax today? Fast forward to tomorrow. Are you ready? Download our guide on how our innovative indirect tax solutions like ONESOURCE can support your transformation journey.


Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance is a 42 jurisdiction software solution that helps achieve a higher level of indirect tax compliance. Move your current manual process to an automation solution for your Australian GST lodgments and other global indirect tax reporting requirements. The software allows you to improve your cashflow and protect your reputation by reducing indirect tax error, any associated penalties and late payment interest charges. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax determination solution can integrate into your existing Enterprise Reporting Programs, financial, accounting and ecommerce systems in real time, and provides precision and control of your tax processes all around the world.

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