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Three insights for understanding today’s global Indirect Tax challenges

Disruption is here. A guide for tax, finance, and IT professionals, worldwide

This document outlines a best-practices approach that successful indirect tax automation evaluation projects take to build a straightforward and logical business case to justify a project to improve their global indirect tax function.

Its approach seeks to set up a way forward to answer three essential questions:

  1. What is the multi-departmental impact in time, money, effort and risk when the tax is incorrect on a sales or purchase-related transaction?
  2. What is and who are involved with the current business systems that have sales and purchase tax-related requirements to a) react to, b) fully absorb, and c) accurately comply with global indirect tax rate and rule changes, worldwide?
  3. What would be the five-year return on investment, if most or all of the company’s enterprise-wide sales and purchase tax treatments were automatically responded to and consolidated, by a single tax-intelligent determination engine, with continuous access to up-to-date global content?

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Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance is a 42 jurisdiction software solution that helps achieve a higher level of indirect tax compliance. Move your current manual process to an automation solution for your Australian GST lodgments and other global indirect tax reporting requirements. The software allows you to improve your cashflow and protect your reputation by reducing indirect tax error, any associated penalties and late payment interest charges. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax determination solution can integrate into your existing Enterprise Reporting Programs, financial, accounting and ecommerce systems in real time, and provides precision and control of your tax processes all around the world.

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