Workflow Manager Powerful document management software to drive your tax process


Improve your document management workflow

A tax department is regularly challenged to make magic happen. You connect several departments, in various countries or regions, with countless spreadsheets and documents and, voila, you produce consistent, provision-ready, compliant data. If only it was easy as magic. In reality, you need an automated tax workflow management software that improves efficiency and control. You need the power to look into projects to check their status at every stage. You need a process that helps you make quick decisions, track accuracy and report with confidence. Simply put, you need ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager.

Software to Manage Your Tax Document Management Workflow

ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager is a workflow management software that combines document management, data management and collaboration to power your entire tax process. ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager connects ONESOURCE software on a platform level, and gives you a centralised location from which to standardise and streamline all of your tax work. It’s web-based, so you and other members of your organisation can access it from anywhere. And it’s fully customisable, so you can design it to meet the unique needs of your department.

Tax Calendar Software for Task Management and Statutory Due Dates Tracking

ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager provides intelligent task automation through a powerful workflow engine. Prioritise tasks, automate manual efforts, monitor projects at each step, and complete every aspect of your work with accuracy and efficiency. In addition, ONESOURCE Workflow Manager comes with prepopulated statutory deadlines for Corporate income tax and Indirect tax in more than 80 jurisdictions across the globe. Real-time tracking through dashboard reports and risk management reporting features help ensure timely project completion and increased compliance transparency.

Tax Document Management Needs Powerful Search Features

Keep an extensive archive of documentation at the ready, and get search features that help the information you need easily. This program forces a standardised indexing, supports documents in any format and has the levels of security permissions you need. With document management and storage in a central location, you can easily establish your tax department as a paperless office.

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