On the move and
in the cloud.What is takes to grow 25% year on year.

Cloud based accounting gives you the mobility you need to grow your business

Blue Ribbon

Meet Jen from Blue Ribbon Accounting who has used cloud mobility to grow 25% YOY.

Brisbane-based owner of Blue Ribbon Accounting, Jen Heath is one of our Onvio tax and practice management customers.

Building an accountancy service from the ground up is no easy feat. Try growing your annual revenue along a steep curve and its even harder.

“Thanks to Onvio Tax, I’m able to lodge on the spot, print to PDF and email the client. It is honestly that simple”, she adds. Ms Heath added that Onvio has helped her develop strong billing relationships and enabled her to track distributions and dividends.

Jen Heath

I now use Onvio, which has enabled me to grow 25% year on year due to sheer mobility. It is easy to use and intuitive, a big step up from
other programs I’ve used.

Jen Heath, Blue Ribbon Accounting

There are two features Ms Heath’s service could not survive without: the ability to operate 100% mobile and adopting the latest and most efficient technologies.

Jen Heath

I’m on the road all the time. All I need is my laptop, an internet dongle, my mobile eftpos and I am set. Thanks to this, I have an exceptionally strong referral base and will be
looking to expand programs I’ve used.

Jen Heath, Blue Ribbon Accounting

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