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We value you as a Software Assistant customer and hope you’ll renew with us this year.

Renew today and enjoy another year of our integrated suite of accounting software. Software Assistant provides comprehensive support for your business activities with practice management, tax returns, ledger management and ASIC registration.

All of this is backed up by local unlimited phone and email support and online training for your firm at no extra cost.

About Tax Audit Alert

Tax Audit Alert lets you know if your clients are claiming above the ATO deduction average for their industry.

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Thomson Reuters Onvio

Cloud Accounting Software for Accountants and Tax Professionals

Onvio will be available soon for all Software Assistant customers. Onvio defines the concept of integration with its ability to automatically update applications through a centralised database.

Work anytime, anywhere
Share data seamlessly
Ultimate security
for your data
User friendly
Streamline your
workflow with clients
Grow at your pace
Discover Onvio

How do I renew my Software Assistant?

6 easy steps to renew your software now.

STEP 1: Login to your Software Assistant account by clicking here and entering your Software Assistant account username and password.

STEP 2: Click on ‘Renewal or Upgrade’.

STEP 3: Make sure your details are correct. If any changes are required, please update your details.

STEP 4: Select the products you wish to renew by entering the number of licenses required in the ‘QTY’ column. The total amounts will automatically be created for you.

STEP 5: If you wish to have a physical Installation CD mailed to you, please check the ‘Installation CD’ check box. This costs an extra $35.

STEP 6: Click on ‘Submit Order’.

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