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What will you put into action from SSON 2017?

  • Which future service innovations will find real traction across industry?
  • What will Shared Services teams need to do to support and drive the broader transformative agendas of the business?
  • How will this influence the IT strategy for Shared Services?
  • How can day to day shared service processes be modernised to improve productivity, visibility and controls over finance and tax outcomes?

If you’ve got questions about where to start for today, and build better business functions into the future, we’ve got answers.

Take an introductory look at automation for statutory reporting, or dig into the details of how Coca Cola used ONESOURCE to drive day to day efficiencies and support financial transformation across the business.

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Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting, partnering with Deloitte hosted a round table event for 16 CFOs from a range of large multinational enterprises during the SSON Shared Services Week.

We asked the questions: Where can quality-based processes be applied? How can they support continuous improvement initiatives? Where are the challenges and barriers? And is Finance simply too much of a quantitative art to benefit from digital automation?

Through shared views, fearless exchanges of opinions and some deep cynicism, we have summarised the insights and knowledge from these CFOs and produced a comprehensive whitepaper, covering one of the hottest topics currently surrounding the finance industry; Compliance and Transparency in a digital era.

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