The Journey to Transparency series examines the OECD’s tough new transparency measures, how the ATOs strict new taxation regime will impact your organisation and considers some of the countermeasures that tax and finance teams can deploy to gain investment into their departments and reduce risk.

Start your journey with “The Transparency Imperative” to gain a broad understanding of the issues and then browse the full series for more specific insights.

Focus: The Reporting Myth You Must Not Miss

True or False? Country by Country Reporting and notification obligations can be met with standard, spreadsheet-based software.

If your finance and tax teams are rusted on to spreadsheets, you’re at risk of decay in your organisation. Find out why and what you can do.

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The Transparency Imperative

The OECD Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) now includes 96 countries committed to driving greater transparency into multinational corporations tax regimes. A succinct investigation of the background issues, timelines and how key OECD policy platforms adopted by the Australian Government will impact locally.

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Towards Transparency

Last year’s budget confirmed a tough stance on Australian firms using aggressive tax minimisation strategies with the introduction of the Multinational Anti Avoidance Laws (MAAL) in line with the OECD BEPS initiative. Review the promises made by the Federal Treasurer before reading the Federal Budget 2017/2018 report.

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What is Justified Trust?

The ATO now requires Australia’s largest companies to supply fact-based evidence to justify tax positions as part of new transparency measures. This has significant implications for how finance and tax team manage data. Get the facts on ‘Justified Trust’ and how to achieve it before the deadline of December 31st, 2017.

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Tax Chaos or Compliance Harmony?

Whether you meet the OECD BEPS measures in a state of chaos or calm will depend on how you harmonise consistency in the process, congruity amongst teams, integrity in the data and reliability in your technology. Orchestrate all four elements with our best practice tips.

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Evaluating Your Tax Technology

Are your finance and tax teams equipped to keep pace with BEPS regulatory changes, the ATOs Justified Trust measures and the impact of Multinational Anti Avoidance Laws? Find out with this practical guide. Checklists, questionnaires, tools and templates to build an impartial assessment of your capabilities.

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Building the Case for Tax Transformation

Assessing where change is needed in order to keep pace with regulatory upheaval is one thing. Preparing the business for the significant path ahead is another. This comprehensive whitepaper breaks down how to build a strong case for transforming the approach to taxation in your business.

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Winning the Case for Technology Investment

Participation in centralised technology management means Tax and Finance must compete more heavily with other parts of the business for funding. Prepare to make an organised and compelling argument to secure the investment you need to tackle BEPS and MAAL with this essential practice aid.

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Benchmarking BEPS

How are multinational enterprises preparing for BEPS-related compliance? This international survey sheds light on how multinational enterprises are reacting to and preparing for the BEPS Action Plan. The findings uncovered trends, revealed risks and exposed pain points on a global scale.

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